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Chinese buyers are huge consumers of local NZ products.
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New Zealand is home to more than 200,000 Chinese with 70% of them living in Auckland. Yet the Chinese community is often overlooked by local businesses. They buy homes and cars, purchase furniture, renovate their homes, buy health products, join gyms, eat at restaurants, buy consumer goods - all the types of purchases that make up daily life in New Zealand. You need to be showcasing your product or service in a language they understand. Unlike other platforms that are drowning in crowded advertising, the Chinese Herald has a captive audience and we can help you talk to them. A quick phone call with us and we can give you a FREE media plan. We can create your advertisement in Chinese and help you create copy and content for your website landing page. Then watch the sales come in.

  • Effective channel to reach Chinese community
  • Advertising solution across multiple platform
  • Capture audience of 200,000 +
  • Unique position in the New Zealand Chinese market
  • Help to bring your presence and brands to Chinese
  • Case studies show we work

Our Platforms



  • Publishing credible up-to-date news and content
  • 140k+ Unique Users and 600k+ Page Views weekly
  • 70% of the visitors are local Chinese people



  • The number one Social Media choice for Chinese nationals
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 850,000; Page Views: 1,200,000+
  • 70% Users of Chinese Herald are based in New Zealand


  • 90,000 readership per week
  • Free pick up from 120+ locations NZ wide
  • Publish  more than 3000 issues in the past 24 years.

Video Channel

  • A Video app within WeChat
  • Community engagement, and reach expansion
  • Weekly view 5 million+
  • Weekly likes 50,000+

Xiao Hong Shu

  • The World’ largest lifestyle platform
  • Community, Content and Ecommerce
  • Monthly views 200,000+
  • 80% followers of Chinese Herald are based in New Zealand

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